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Rice Jewelry-HOT!!!
Glass Globes & Orbs
Glass Bottle With Cork
Little Prince's Rose-NEW!!!
Crystal Pen Gems-NEW!!!
Fillable Lockets
Stainless Steel Aroma Diffuser Lockets
Perfume Oil Bottle Jewelry
Blood Vial Jewelry
Dandelion Seed Jewelry-HOT!!!
Real Flower Jewelry-HOT!!!
Glowing Dark Jewelry
Terrarium Jewelry
Stuffing & Fillers
Jewelry Findings & Supplies
925 Sterling Silver Supplies

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New Arrivals(71)
March (2)
TC eries(0)
April (19)
May (0)
June (49)
July (1)
Rice Jewelry-HOT!!!(574)
Findings (39)
Keychains (5)
Necklaces (20)
Mini Roses & Lucky Stones (26)
Glass Vials (286)
6MM Glass Color Vials(83)
6MM Glass Plain Vials(89)
6MM Preglued Screw Cap Vials(48)
5MM Mini Vials(13)
8MM Big Vials(30)
Trinkettes Charms Glass Vials(23)
Crystal Vials (97)
Crystal Plain Vials(32)
Crystal Luminous Vials(14)
Crystal Rhinestone Vials(25)
Handmade Big Hole Crystal Vials(7)
Crystal Color Vials(19)
Tools (6)
Bracelets (55)
Cellphone Charms (7)
Earrings (9)
Business Starter Kit (2)
Acrylic Vials (13)
Finger Rings NEW!!! (6)
Glass Globes & Orbs(279)
Lockets w/Fillable Glass Orb (7)
Glass Globe&Base Set(925 Silver) (7)
Glass Globe&Base Set(Copper) (226)
Necklace Pendants(165)
Bracelets & Bangles(12)
Brooches & Buttons(2)
Bookmarks (3)
Empty Glass Globes & Orbs (26)
Liquid Rings-NEW!!! (12)
Glass Bottle With Cork(137)
Glass Bottles/Wish Bottles (83)
FIMO Vials (7)
Murano Glass Perfume Bottles (47)
Little Prince's Rose-NEW!!!(6)
Crystal Pen Gems-NEW!!!(1)
Fillable Lockets(53)
Locket Bangles&Bracelets (2)
Locket Keychains (5)
Glass Lockets (11)
Locket Necklaces (28)
Photo Lockets (7)
Stainless Steel Aroma Diffuser Lockets(22)
Necklace (18)
Bracelets (3)
Car Aroma Diffuser (1)
Perfume Oil Bottle Jewelry(448)
Perfume Rings (0)
925 Essential Oil Jewelry (21)
925 Essential Oil Necklaces(14)
925 Essential-Oil Earrings(4)
925 Essential Oil Rings(3)
DIY Perfume Bottles (187)
Glass Screw Cap Perfume Vials(5)
Handmade Big Hole Crystal Perfume Vials(5)
Crystal Plain Perfume Vials(43)
Crystal Luminous Perfume Vials(26)
Crystal Rhinestone Perfume Vials(6)
6MM Cork Perfume Vials(42)
Murano Glass Essential Oil Vials(58)
Ceramic Perfume Vials(2)
Perfume Necklaces (158)
Vampire Perfume Necklaces(3)
FIMO Aroma Necklaces(21)
Handmade Big Hole Crystal Vial Necklaces(6)
Murano Glass Perfume Necklaces(102)
Wooden Perfume Vial Necklaces(1)
Crystal Rinestone Perfume Vial Necklaces(8)
Ceramic Perfume Vial Necklaces(17)
Car Aroma Fresheners (25)
Murano Glass Car Aroma Fresheners(25)
Perfume Cellphone Charms (31)
Crystal Vial Cellphone Straps(8)
FIMO Vial Cellphone Straps(20)
Murano Glass Perfume Cellphone Straps(2)
Wooden Perfume Vial Cellphone Straps(1)
Perfume Bracelets (12)
Wooden Perfume Vial Bracelets(3)
Murano Glass Perfume Vial Bracelets(7)
Crystal Perfume Vial Bracelets(2)
Perfume Jewelry Accessories (11)
Perfume Earrings (2)
Blood Vial Jewelry(167)
Blood Vial Necklaces (32)
Findings (8)
Empty Blood Vials (123)
6MM Glass Vials (63)
5MM Mini Vials(12)
6MM Preglued Screw Cap Vials(31)
5MM Preglued Screw Cap Vials(17)
Vampire Perfume Necklaces (3)
Blood vial Earrings (1)
Dandelion Seed Jewelry-HOT!!!(104)
Dandelion Seed Necklace (63)
Dandelion Seed Bracelet (12)
Dandelion Seed Earrings (13)
Dandelion Seed Ring (3)
Dandelion Seed Keychain (3)
Dandelion Seed Dust Plug (1)
Dandelion Seed Bookmark (3)
Glowing Dandelion Necklace-NEW!!! (6)
Real Flower Jewelry-HOT!!!(51)
Necklaces (36)
Bracelets (1)
Earrings (3)
Rings (3)
Dust Plugs (3)
Bookmarks (3)
Keychains (1)
Glowing Dark Jewelry(14)
Pendant (0)
Necklace (13)
Bracelets (1)
Terrarium Jewelry(158)
Necklaces (38)
Handmade Bottle Necklace(23)
Wishing Bottle Necklace(15)
Bracelets (3)
Handmade Bottle Bracelets(1)
Magnetic Health Bracelets(2)
Earrings (8)
Rings (25)
Copper Wire Rings(14)
Handmade Bottle Rings(11)
Dust Plugs (3)
Hairpins (1)
Pressed Flower Jewelry (32)
Keychain Charms (23)
DIY Bottle Keychains(5)
Trinkettes Charms Keychains(7)
Sandglass Keychains(11)
CellPhone Charms (25)
FIMO Cellphone Straps(9)
DIY Bottle Phone Charms(4)
Sandglass Cellphone Straps(12)
DIY Alphabet Letter Phone Straps(0)
Stuffing & Fillers(73)
Real Dry Flower (23)
Sand/Beads (13)
Nature Sea Shells (7)
Charms (14)
Others (14)
Jewelry Findings & Supplies(87)
Hook Earrings (3)
Cellphone Straps (8)
Bracelets/Bangles (1)
Tools (10)
Keychains (3)
Bookmarks (3)
Necklace Chains/Cords (35)
Necklace Chains(18)
Necklace Cords(15)
Gift Pouches/Boxes (9)
Rings/Clasps/Connectors (14)
925 Sterling Silver Supplies(12)
925 Necklace Chains (0)
925 Earrings (10)
925 Pendants (2)
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